Friday night gathering 7:00 PM on ZOOM! Email Ron Kinder for an invitation. The TERAC repeater at 443.650 MHz+ 100Hz PL in Aloha still available. If you are within reach of a computer or the repeater, we would love to have you join us on the web or the air Friday night. This will probably be the new normal for a while.

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All Pizza and Monthly meetings cancelled due to COVID-19

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EZNEC News From Roy Lewallen, W7EL

After 31 years of developing, selling, and supporting EZNEC and its predecessor ELNEC, I’m going to retire. Beginning Jan. 1, 2022, EZNEC Pro/2 will be free and can be copied and distributed. All support will stop on that date, and no refunds will be issued. Until that time, prices and sales will be unchanged. Please see for full details. I’ll try to answer any questions you have after reading the announcement.

I’m deeply grateful to all the EZNEC users who have made it possible for me to escape the Dilbert cartoon and make a living as a one person company with no bosses and no employees. It’s been wonderful and a lot of fun.

I’d appreciate your passing this information along.

73, Roy Lewallen, W7EL

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SK Blaine Smith W7JHJ April 4, 2021

It is with deep sadness we report Blaine past away from Glioblastoma.  He was born in Sioux City Iowa on January 18, 1937.  One of his high school teachers got him interested in amateur radio, a hobby he followed for the rest of his life.  Following graduation from high school he enlisted in the Air Force.  He became an Air Controller, first stationed in Washington DC and later Greenland.  In Greenland, on his own initiative he decided to paint the radio shack orange, which lead to initial Court Marshal charges.  Blaine setup a special phone patch link between the base commander and his wife in Florida which lead to the charges being dropped. After leaving the Air Force, Blaine joined Tektronix in Beaverton OR.  He worked his way up through design engineering, sales and marketing positions.  After leaving Tek Blaine founded Entre of Oregon. One of his very successful products was a device that controlled Kodak slide projectors for use in multimedia displays.  He also developed products for other companies including Sharper Image and In Focus.  One of his last projects was providing engineering support for programmable furnace controllers manufactured in China.  

During his life Blaine owned over 100 different cars, 20 RVs, several boats, motorcycles, and one gyrocopter.  He was probably lucky that he wasn’t able to get the gyrocopter engine started.  Blaine also loved dogs, his “pups” often had special seats near him in his RVs.   In 2018 he realized one of his dreams when he and Merla purchased a home on Devils Lake Oregon.  He was an Amateur Radio operator, call W7JHJ.  Blaine regularly checked into radio nets, participated in field operations, and belonged to several radio clubs.

Blaine married Merla in 1962.  He is survived by his wife Merla, son Jason Smith, daughter Sheri Mayhew, and three grandsons.

He will be sorely missed by his family and the many friends he made over the years.

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SEA-PAC 2021 Cancelled but there are still some things in the works!

The SEA-PAC Executive Committee has been closely monitoring the continuing COVID-19 pandemic situation and determined that the safest course of action for all is to cancel the 2021 in-person event.

This decision was based on the uncertainties of more COVID outbreaks, vaccine availability to all, and the probable social distancing requirements.  But most importantly, it is based on our genuine concern for the health and safety of you, the attendees, vendors, and presenters.  We firmly believe that providing our Ham Radio community with a safe and quality convention experience is paramount.

To offset this cancellation, the SEA-PAC Committee is exploring alternate online and on-air activities to engage our loyal attendees during 2021.  Here is the new SEA-PAC Wave newsletter with NEW details!

Finally, we look forward to hosting you again in Seaside, Oregon, on June 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2022. Thank you for your patience and understanding and we invite you to start planning for SEA-PAC 2022.


John Bucsek, KE7WNB

2021 SEA-PAC Chairman

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FCC Sets Amateur Radio License Fee

Part of above:
As we have noted previously, “…while the value of the amateur service to the public as a voluntary noncommercial communications service, particularly with respect to providing emergency communications, is one of the underlying principles of the amateur service, the amateur service is not an emergency radio service (emphasis mine).

Well, at least it isn’t $50.

New fees:
New license $35
Special temporary authority $35
Rule waiver $35
Renewal $35
Vanity Call Sign $35

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