SK Fred Telewski WA7TZY – June 29, 2020

Fred passed away due to complications from heart surgery. Fred was born August 5, 1945 in New Jersey.  He earned his bachelor and masters degrees in Electrical Engineering from Newark College of Engineering and New Jersey Institute of Technology.

He joined Tektronix, in 1971 where he worked in the Spectrum Analyzer group.  Fred worked on the 7L12 (introduced in 1972), but his major product was the 7L13 (introduced in 1974).  He was a gifted speaker and gave presentations to TERAC on the technical challenges of SETI and his 70 cm moon bounce setup.  He left Tek in 1977 and later joined Fluke Corporation for 15 years in the Seattle area.  Later he worked for Cellular Technical Services and ended his career as an RF consultant.  Fred held several patents, was an author, was a very well-liked and an accomplished engineer.

Fred’s amateur radio interests ranged from 23cm to 160Ms.  He was an active VHF/UHF contester and had 186 DX contacts confirmed on 80M.  Fred and his wife Susan were competitive ballroom dancers. He is survived by his wife Susan, WB7BST, brothers Frank, James and sister Elaine.

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