SK Stan Griffiths W7NI – Jan 29, 2020

Stan was born to Arthur and Margaret Griffiths December 19, 1938, in Portland, raised in Lake Oswego, OR, and attended Lake Oswego High School, class of 1957. Stan was an icon in the ham radio community. His father was a ham which probably helped Stan get licensed at age 15 as WN7TML in 1953. In 1955 Stan became a founding member of WVDXC. W7NI. At the height of his ham career Stan changed his call to W7NI and had a respectable antenna farm on his Blanton property in Aloha and was able to make ‘modest’ (his word) contacts with his dual 4-1000 amp. For years Stan and his late wife Pat, KA7UFG, were regulars at northwest ham fests and flea markets. He often gave presentations at SEAPAC, WVDXC and other conventions. Stan was an entrepreneur, cofounding a service company in Los Angeles, founding Antronics of Oregon, and operating an eBay based company for several years. He was also an author writing Oscilloscopes : Selecting and Restoring a Classic, 1992. Along with Ed Sinclair he cofounded VintageTEK a museum dedicated to preserving Tektronix history.Stan was predeceased by his wife, Patricia Jean Griffiths, KA7UFG, on March 13, 2018. He leaves two daughters, Tricia and Valarie.

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