June 2-4, 2017 – SEA-PAC Ham Convention in Seaside, OR

The 35th annual SEA-PAC is coming up in June. Here is the flyer.

Talk-in Frequency: 145.45 MHz -offset 118.8 Hz tone.

There will be technical seminars again this year most of which are on Saturday.

Our own Randall Elliott NW7T will be presenting “CERT – Community Emergency Response Teams: What is it and why should you care enough to get involved?” tentatively on Sunday at 10AM.

Four Workshops will be held on Friday:June 2 only.
1) Do it yourself (DYI) – Build your own working Pixie 40 meter CW transmitter facilitated by Curt Black, WR5J.
2) Do it yourself (DYI) – Build an S-Forty-9er with variable DDS VFO and display facilitated by Bill Balzarini, KL7BB.
3) “A Pi in Your Shack and go Kit” using the raspberry Pi computer chip, facilitated by Steve Aberle, WA7PTM.
4) “Propagation During the Solar Minimum” presented by Carl Luetzelschwab, K9LA.

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